Friday, October 3, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Japanese Movie Program Book

Movie theaters in Japan offered this beautiful program book for the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or "Hero" Turtles for those overseas). While I have no idea what the text says (anyone care to translate?), the imagery is quite cool and even includes a few shots from the deleted blindfolded training sequence!

 photo ntlobby1_zps88313255.jpg

 photo ntlobby2_zpscd6da187.jpg

 photo ntlobby3_zpsf2a620a6.jpg

 photo ntlobby4_zps6ba355f2.jpg

 photo ntlobby5_zpsc215cb62.jpg

 photo ntlobby6_zpse90eab48.jpg

 photo ntlobby7_zpsea75841c.jpg

 photo ntlobby8_zpsafcd0537.jpg

 photo ntlobby9_zps431f252a.jpg

 photo ntlobby10_zps0eb206fe.jpg

 photo ntlobby11_zpsaaf9ef90.jpg

 photo ntlobby12_zps87fc169e.jpg

 photo ntlobby13_zps52075bc1.jpg

 photo ntlobby14_zpsc88ee65a.jpg

 photo ntlobby15_zpsc9ef5a20.jpg

 photo ntlobby16_zpsba5d8d99.jpg

 photo ntlobby17_zps9d214d8d.jpg

 photo ntlobby18_zpse12c866c.jpg

 photo ntlobby19_zpsb82aeb55.jpg

 photo ntlobby20_zps809b64f1.jpg

 photo ntlobby21_zps883164cb.jpg

 photo ntlobby22_zps1c8036db.jpg

 photo ntlobby23_zps91655059.jpg

 photo ntlobby24_zps20331c51.jpg

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