Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Magazine Article:
World Of Fandom
Volume 2 Number 9

This article from World of Fandom magazine not only provides the reader with a synopsis of the film, but also behind-the-scenes info from Director Steven Barron, Actors Elias Koteas & Judith Hoag, & Jim Henson's Creature Shop!

 photo wof1_zpscccf3ab0.jpg

 photo wof2_zps90e0f706.jpg

 photo wof3_zps5c3346ec.jpg

 photo wof4_zpsaa43b50e.jpg

 photo wof5_zps4691fbdd.jpg

But that's not all! The centerfold from this issue features some nifty Turtles artwork from famed album artist Jeff Gaither...

 photo wof6_zpsf7065243.jpg

...while the back cover gives us a full page ad for the movie!

 photo wof7_zpsb588b2ff.jpg

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