Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Magazine Article:
Action Films Summer 1990 Issue

This article from the Summer 1990 issue of Action Films magazine doesn't have much meat to it; Pretty much the only intriguing text is a bit referencing the unseen sequence of Casey Jones watching various crime reports on television. But what this issue lacks in written content is made up for with large, full-page images from the film! Gotta love the one with Raph listening to his Walkman...

 photo actionfilms1_zpsaffb0341.jpg

 photo actionfilms2_zpsec42ec96.jpg

 photo actionfilms3_zpsb346df5d.jpg

 photo actionfilms4_zpsaa92c8e7.jpg

 photo actionfilms5_zps0066f5f2.jpg

 photo actionfilms6_zpsb9c73c20.jpg

 photo actionfilms7_zps1d717958.jpg

 photo actionfilms8_zpsa141698d.jpg

 photo actionfilms9_zpscebb7628.jpg

 photo actionfilms10_zps2c66aba6.jpg

 photo actionfilms11_zpsd49a1af8.jpg

 photo actionfilms12_zps7ae3c7b1.jpg

 photo actionfilms13_zps228bfaef.jpg

 photo actionfilms14_zpsa2d5eacf.jpg

 photo actionfilms15_zps8293c40d.jpg

 photo actionfilms16_zps401707bc.jpg

(NOTE- Oops! Sorry Action Films... But that is clearly Raphael in that pic!)

 photo actionfilms17_zpsc085c2fb.jpg

 photo actionfilms18_zps935afd65.jpg

 photo actionfilms19_zps85c5c509.jpg

 photo actionfilms20_zpsa217fba9.jpg

 photo actionfilms21_zpsa7d3a482.jpg

 photo actionfilms22_zpsf58d07e2.jpg

 photo actionfilms23_zps2f410176.jpg

 photo actionfilms24_zps50011806.jpg

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